1.3m download NHS App after vaccine passport addition

More than 1.3 million people have signed up for the NHS app since it was revealed that users in England could prove they received a Covid-19 coronavirus vaccine.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock praised the “unprecedented pace” at which the vaccination status feature has been added to the app since it was announced on May 7th.

The app allows users in England to show that they have received the vaccine in the event that it is required for international travel.

It’s a very different app than the NHS Covid-19 Proximity Tracing App that tracks your location and sends you a notification when you come in contact with someone who tests positive for Covid.

This separate NHS app enables users to access NHS services, seek advice and review their medical records.

The company now has more than 4.8 million registered users and enables people to book general practitioner appointments, order repeat prescriptions, and review records for general practitioners and hospitals, according to the Department of Health and Social Welfare (DHSC).

Since May 17th – when the vaccination status feature was added – more than four million people have logged into the app.

Another 11,483 people registered their preference for organ donation through the NHS app in just four days – ten times the average for that time, DHSC said.

Mr Hancock said, “The advances in technology and innovation we have made during the pandemic have real consequences beyond fighting this virus. They are improving treatment, diagnosis and care for patients.”

“I would like to thank everyone at NHSX and NHS Digital for helping us deliver the Covid-19 vaccine status service so quickly.

“The pace at which we have achieved this is unprecedented and brings immediate benefits to our broader healthcare system.

“I encourage everyone to download the NHS app. It will help you access a variety of services.”

Those who do not have access to the app in England can call 119 and request a letter to prove they have received two doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

According to DHSC, around 20,000 vaccination letters were delivered across the country on Saturday.

Matthew Gould, Managing Director of NHSX, the healthcare digital innovation division, said: “This was confirmed within weeks by a team working hourly to ensure we deliver user-friendly service on time.

“We are very happy with the reception and even more delighted to see so many people using the NHS online services.”

As of May 10, 1,410,386 NHS app downloads and 1,302,611 new registered users have been made.


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