1.5m tourists heading to Continent in cars for the first time

Around 1.5 million British drivers are planning to drive their car across the canal for the first time this summer.

RAC Europe estimates that five million drivers will be driving on the continent in the coming weeks.

According to the survey of 2,078 adults, this is the first such vacation for three out of ten of these people.

RAC Europe expects the number of people from the UK who will be sailing across the Channel this summer to be similar to those traveling by plane.

Rod Dennis, spokesman for the breakdown service provider, said that flying due to the coronavirus pandemic “is seen as a less attractive option this year.”

“This seems to have sparked people’s desire to travel to mainland Europe on their own, and many are planning to do so for the first time.

“The decision for the car makes a lot of sense.

“Those who do this have their own safe space when traveling, where no or minimal contact with other people is required when crossing the borders, while those who stay in a caravan or tent also know that they are have as secure a vacation base as possible.

“Everyone who drives also enjoys the flexibility that comes from their own means of transport – and is ideal for finding places far from the crowds.”


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