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10 Effective Ways to Keep Your Car in Top Condition


For people who have a limited budget, purchasing a brand new car can be over their capacity. Here are 10 effective ways to keep your car in top condition.

If the car is your lover, the relationship with your vehicle should not be a short term relationship. You can save a lot of money by keeping your vehicle in good condition, instead of replacing a new one every few years. That’s why this article is about 10 effective ways to keep your car in top condition.

10 effective ways to keep your car in top condition

Our Recommendations to Keep Your Car Long-Lasting

1. Always Make Purchasing with a Good Car

Almost all cars will be long-lasting at least a decade if you take good care of them, but some cars are more prone to problems than others.

Typically, the reliability of Japanese cars is magnificent, but not neglecting European vehicles, which have improved a lot in recent years and are usually cheaper to repair. And German cars are famous for their reliability but at a considerable cost.

Our advice is to consider buying a used car with the cost of between $20,000 and $30,000. Do not need to purchase with a higher price for a standard-quality car!

2. Strictly Following the Maintenance Schedule

Follow the maintenance schedule in your car’s user manual religiously. Do what it instructs, and resist the temptation to do more than your estimation if you want a top condition car.

Your oil change shop or dealership may recommend extra services, but if it’s not in the book, you don’t need to do it. Be aware that some cars may need expensive car care in high mileage. Stay on course and remember, you are setting your car durability for years with this step!

3. Find a Trusted Mechanic

The official dealers always have the appropriate tools and are well-trained for car maintenance, but they are expensive, and some also offer a decidedly poor service. When the car approaches the end of its warranty, the search for a good mechanic begins.

Ask friends and relatives if they know any skilful mechanic. When you find an appropriate mechanic, explain to him that you plan to keep your car for many years and that you are looking for the longest time of car usage. This step can avoid unnecessary repairs from the mechanics.

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A trusted mechanic is crucial.

4. Create a Maintenance Fund

The cars break down, and there’s nothing like a 2,000-dollar repair bill that can scare you off and make you rush to the dealership in search of a new car. But remember that your old car should generate at least $5,000 per year for repairs annually at least for five consecutive years before buying a new car.

In almost all cases, repairing your old car is less expensive than buying a new one. Our recommendation is, once you have finished paying for the new car, start putting a couple of hundred dollars a month into an interest-bearing account as a repair fund. Keep it around $2,000, so you should have a lot of money to cover unexpected repairs.

5. Drive Carefully

A few accelerators are not dangerous but do not drive all the time aggressively. It is exhausting for your car (and also for your nerves). Remember to avoid any accident at all costs.

In addition to the risk of injury to you, severe damage to your car can make it challenging to repair. And even if it can be improved, it can irreparably compromise your car performance and driving behaviour. Once a vehicle has suffered a severe accident, it will never be as good as its reasonable condition.

Car rev counter
Drive smoothly

6. Clean Your Car

The paint on your car not only keeps the car looking good, but it also protects the underlying metal. Please always wash your car regularly! Clean the sap of trees and bird droppings as soon as possible. And every four months, you should give your car wax, it will keep the bodywork as good as new for decades.

Our recommendation is to open the hood, the doors, and the trunk after washing the car, and dry it thoroughly with a dry cloth. Water can enter the car parts, which wears down the metal joints.

Besides, clean from dust and oil under the hood. A clean engine will give your car a higher performance and longer lifespan without a doubt.

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Clean your car

7. Always Checking and Examining

Always give a check for strange noises, unusual smells, vibrations, or anything that doesn’t seem right to you. Don’t let a mechanic or dealership tell you that “How can you not know about this problem while driving?”.

If you’ve been driving the car for years, you know what’s normal and what’s not. Some problems, such as worn steering or a feeling of worn brakes, increase so gradually that you may not notice them.

There is a good tip that sometimes lets your friend drive your car. If your vehicle looks perfect to you, but your friend thinks driving it is a deadly trap, it’s time to take it to the mechanic.

Spark plugs
Always check the car’s engine.

8. If Something Breaks, Fix It Right Away

Small things like torn upholstery, broken individual pieces, or electrical defects can gradually turn the car you love into an old pile of scrap you hate.

Don’t let those little annoyances add up. Solve everything as soon as possible, to keep your old car new and drive it with a cheerful and fun experience.

9. Get to Know Yourself

There is no need to become a professional mechanic to keep your car in good condition forever. But if you know how it works, you will have an easier time identifying problems and are less likely to be robbed by an unscrupulous mechanic.

Notably, women, in particular, are at risk of being robbed by the mechanic. So, knowledge is power!

For this reason, we recommend that you carefully read the use and maintenance manual and inquire. You can read briefly on the web and on the functioning of the mechanical and electronic parts that appear to be damaged and require maintenance.

10. Understand When It Comes to Therapeutic Persistence

Most cars can last for decades, but there are some circumstances in which it’s time to give up. If your vehicle has been involved in a severe accident that has bent the chassis structure, you should have a serious discussion with the mechanic about the long-term prospects of your car.

And if you live in an area where it often snows, You need to prepare tires that can be used on snowy roads for your vehicle, which helps ensure your safety in the harsh winter weather, besides, periodically check for rust in structural areas whenever the car is on the lift. If the rust becomes extensive enough to erode the structural integrity of the vehicle, it is the time to replace it.

Final Words

If you like the reaction of people when you tell them that your car has gone through 150 thousand kilometres, follow those above 10 effective ways to keep your car in top condition.

If they scoff at you because your car is old, remind them of how much they pay for financing and insurance. Keeping your vehicle forever can save thousands of dollars every year!



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