13 Reason Why Season 4: Future Release Date And Vast Storyline Here!!!

While some continued to dangle, 13 reasons ended satisfactorily.

After years of controversy, the show finale of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why might be overdue, but fans of the hit teen drama may still be hungry for a lot more. (The show soared on top of Netflix’s trending record after its fourth year premiered on June 5.) But showrunner Brian Yorkey believed the series was destined for a “four-season story” from the start.

“Somewhere in the middle of earning season two, when it became clear that we have the ability to create more seasons,” he told Entertainment Weekly, “I quickly came to a place where it felt like a four-season story. . “

Yorkey was wary of continuing the important story beyond what was necessary. “I’m always just a little bit suspicious of high school indicating it’s past four seasons as a big school is four decades long,” he added. “If major school openings somehow turn eight and seven seasons, don’t get me wrong, I see them all, but I tend to be a little suspicious of something that started out as a series on high school. Plus, it just felt like I was bringing these numbers and scattering to their stuff felt like the end point too. So for a while the thought was, if we are so blessed with the opportunity, we will have four seasons of the. So when we started breaking the story for now 4, we understood that this was the end. “

This latest season ends with the prospect of Liberty High graduating, but unfortunately for 13RW enthusiasts, Yorkey has also discontinued the concept of a university spin-off. “I’d be really curious how some of those characters fare in school, but I also love the idea of ​​making this up to all of our imaginations and making this kind of four-season high school series,” he explained.

13RW, a version of Jay Asher’s YA book of the same name, first created in 2017. The dark adolescent game follows the departure of high school student Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), who leaves mysterious ties after dying by suicide. The series was criticized for romanticizing suicide or portraying it insensibly, also for including a suicide scene. Cast members such as Langford and executive producer Selena Gomez have admitted backlash in simplifying the string for handling “major issues.” Last year, Netflix edited Hannah’s passing scene in Season 1.

Scandals aside, the celebrities – including Ross Butler Dylan Minnette and Alisha Boe – have said goodbye to the hit show with a candy video that captures some of the moments.

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