14 ways to get your baby to sleep in hot weather

It was a lovely day across Wales as the sun rarely appeared.

Temperatures rose up to 26 ° C in some parts on Sunday as families ventured to beaches and sights to make the most of the good weather after months of closure. You can see the highlights and the best pictures from all over the country here.

And while the little ones may be tired from a day at the beach, it’s not that easy to get them to sleep in the heat, because Belfast Live reported. Even adults can find it difficult to drop off in a hot, stuffy bedroom – here are our tricks to help you fall asleep in hot weather.

To make sure your baby sleeps as well as possible, we’ve put together a list of useful tips that you can try at home.

1. Dress them according to the room temperature

If the room is too hot (over 25 degrees), a diaper and a thin cotton vest are sufficient. If the room is between 20 and 23 degrees, a short baby or shorts and a T-shirt – with a pair of socks or just a diaper – are sufficient.

2. Keep the room airy

During the day, open all the windows on the same floor as your bedroom to get a breeze. Pull the curtains two-thirds across to shield the hot sun but still let the cool air through.

3. Keep your home ventilated

This includes opening the skylight so that the heat can escape through the roof.

4. Use light bedding

Use cotton sheets and avoid waterproof mattress covers as they retain heat and make your baby sweat.

5. A quick, refreshing swim

A lukewarm bath or a bath that is slightly cooler than usual can help freshen up your baby before bed and soothe any moisture. Make it a quick bath so they don’t get too cold.

6. Invest in a room thermometer

This takes away the guesswork and reassurance that your baby is dressed appropriately.

7. Put ice in your baby’s room

Put large bottles of frozen water (one liter or more) in your baby’s room overnight. They help cool the temperature in the room when the ice melts.

8. Increase the efficiency of your electric fan

Electric fans often just blow the warm air around, but placing a large bowl of ice or some frozen water bottles in front of the fan will cool the air that is circulating in the room.

9. Keep your little one calm

A calm baby will stay cooler, so try to maintain a calming bedtime routine and provide reassurance and comfort when he is agitated.

Dab a cool flannel all over her body to keep her calm and refreshed.

10. Chilled water

Your baby may need to drink more than usual to stay hydrated.

Boil some water and let it cool before putting it in the fridge. Give this to your little one during the night to keep them hydrated.

Breast-fed babies stay hydrated with breast milk.

14 ways to get your baby to sleep in hot weather 1

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11. Move your baby to a cooler room

Consider moving them to a cooler room in the house for a better night’s sleep.

12. Check the baby’s temperature

If you are unsure about your baby’s temperature, feel the back of the neck or use a thermometer.

13. Put yourself in their shoes

14 ways to get your baby to sleep in hot weather 2

When thinking about how to dress your baby, ask yourself how hot you are and what you will be wearing to bed yourself.

14. Check the temperature during the night

The temperature will drop during the night, so don’t just put your baby on a diaper when it drops below 25 degrees.


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