15 Wellness Products Helping Our Editors Get to Sleep This Month

March has been quite a month – and there are a lot of feelings to be felt right now. But before social distancing and the supermarket rush become our new norm, Charm the editors spent the best half of the month discovering all the products you need to get more sleep. Looking for the best bed sheets? We found them. Are you shopping for your very first mattress? Here is a list of all best mattress brands in a box worth your money. Are you trying to make your space a plant paradise? Plant influencers (yes, that’s one thing) flexed their green thumbs and told us which leafy babies would actually thrive in your room.

From the softest pajamas of all time to a weighted, life-changing blanket, here is everything that reminds us of what a real night’s sleep looks like.

Sleep is a $ 70 billion industry – we throw our money away in a dream night, we promise to prioritize it, and then we complain when we are always, inevitably, so tired. Despite our collective obsession with sleep, we seem totally unable to get more. In fact, we are recording fewer hours than ever. So this month we are looking at what is hindering and what we need to do.

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