16 Family Board Games to Play on Your Next Game Night

We may have replaced our old family board games with sophisticated consoles, but there are only a lot of Mario Kart circuits that we can go through before our brains start to feel, finally… like mush. Trying to keep yourself entertained by reading only books can push you further into self-isolation mode, while puzzles of more than 1,000 pieces, although really satisfying to complete, can be too difficult. But family board games? An infallible remedy for cabin fever.

Some games bring us together, others tear us apart (with love, of course) – in both cases, they are exactly the kind of distraction we need right now. And it’s not just us; retailers around the world are struggling to keep their board game from stealing warehouse shelves. And it makes sense – kids and adults are watching monitors more than ever, now that we go to school or work at home. So, to give your tired eyes a break from all the excess screen time while reminding us that social estrangement doesn’t necessarily mean being anti-social, we’ve put together the best family board games to play right now.

Whether you’re playing with two or four people, here are 16 options that will make every day look like a Sunday. Ready, ready, play.

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