18 Again Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Storyline Worth To Watch!!!

The drama 18 again (2020) is a South Korean drama with 16 episodes. The drama aired every Monday and Tuesday from September 21, 2020 to November 10, 2020. It aired every week on the original network JTBC, with each episode lasting approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes. Due to its star-studded cast and brilliant projection and representation, the show was a huge hit.

Comedy, romance, life, youth, suspense and fantasy are among the genres of the show. Ha, Byung Hoon directed the movie and Kim Do Yeon, Ahn Eun Bin and Choi Yi Ryoon wrote the screenplay.

If you’ve enjoyed the Hollywood movie, you’ll love the K drama too – it’s packed with life lessons, and the characters will grow with you. You won’t be able to stop crying sometimes, but the drama will also make you laugh out loud.

Here are some factors to use Binge-Watch 18 again:

1. It reflects the difficulties of being pregnant as a teenager.

It’s not just rainbows and roses when you know you’re going to start a family at a young age. There is the transition, the financial pressure, and the concern about how to raise your child when you are so young yourself. On the other hand, your own visions will have to be taken in the background. 18 Through Da Jung and Dae Young’s love story, we get a glimpse of this truth and more.

2. Lee Do Hyun in the role of a young father is a must-watch.

Prepare to see a new side of actor Lee Do Hyun in his role as a young father in 18 Again if you’ve seen him as the firefly in the fantasy drama Hotel Del Luna. It’s not easy to play a 37-year-old man in the body of an 18-year-old boy, but Do Hyun did a great job. His profound gestures in this series are perfect and illustrate why he is worthy of an award.

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3. You will find that Hong Dae Young makes an effort to keep his family together.

No drama has ever made us feel the determination of a father to ensure that his family receives the best possible care. Dae Young takes a break from his successful basketball career to do odd jobs to support his family. He is treated unfairly at work due to his educational background as a high school graduate, and he has not been promoted despite being one of the company’s hardest workers.

18 Again Season 2

4. Friendships last a lifetime.

Dae Young’s best friend, Go Deok Jin (Kim Kang Hyun), who also happens to be the CEO of a game company, is that one true friend who will never let you down, especially when you need him. Their friendship has remained close since high school and he has been there for Dae Young through all of his challenges.

You can watch 18 again on the iQIYI streaming platform.

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