18 Best Women-Owned Beauty Brands to Shop

While the beauty industry caters mainly to women and is fueled by the money we spend, the fact remains that men still occupy the majority of C-suite positions. But we are starting to see a change. Several fashion schools have started looking to change these numbers by offering new programs focused on the commercial side of beauty, and sick women in the shadows are starting to start their own businesses (a handful of which are now rated at a billion dollars).

That’s why we choose to celebrate the exceptional women who have come to the forefront of the industry and who use their influence to make it a more inclusive place for everyone, both in the workplace and for our culture in general. These founders set out to redefine beauty standards, normalize stigmatized subjects and give back to their communities. Here are 18 beauty brands owned by women who have made their mark – and their star products that have earned a lasting place in our routines.

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