19 of Our Favorite Black Leggings, Because Yes, They're All Different

No workout wardrobe is complete without great leggings. No matter what activity you enjoy doing, be it a run or a yoga session, you belong in cute leggings. We don’t ask as much when it comes to our leggings – we just want them to be flattering and functional. But that can sometimes turn out to be a more difficult question than it should be, and that’s where we come in.

If the thought of color in your workout wardrobe is blasphemous, you’ve come to the right place. Black leggings may be the foundation of our athleisure look, and it’s easy to see why; they go with everything and always look sleek and polished. With all the different iterations available, finding the right pair can be an impossible task. But no more – these are our 19 favorite black leggings. If you want to excuse us, we’re going to train.

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