1921 census: what's in it, when it'll be released and where you can view it

The results of the 1921 census in England and Wales are due to be published and open up a wealth of information to curious researchers.

Details on nearly 38 million people are contained in the files, which have been digitized from more than 28,000 bound physical volumes. It took the researchers three years to convert the census results into digital format.

So what exactly can we expect from the 1921 census, when will it be released to the public for viewing – and where?

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What does the 1921 census say?

The 1921 census for England and Wales is, according to experts, much more detailed than previous censuses and raises a wider range of questions than before.

In particular, the 1921 census allowed adult respondents to indicate they were divorced, which previous censuses did not.

In the 1921 census, respondents were also asked to provide the name and job of their employer, as well as their occupation.

For respondents under the age of 15, the 1921 census also recorded whether one or both parents were alive or dead.

Additional questions included respondents’ nationality, whether they attended school or other educational establishment, and the number and ages of living children or stepchildren they had.

How often are censuses carried out?

Censuses are made every 10 years. They give an in-depth look at life in the UK by asking each household to provide various information about their respective residents.

The last census took place in 2021.

When was the first census taken?

The first official census of England and Wales was taken in 1801 after Parliament passed the Census Act the previous year.

Previously, there had been significant opposition to a full census for many years.

However, the 1841 census is widely believed to be the first modern census when the General Register Office for England and Wales, established in 1836, was tasked with organizing it.

People who want to track down their ancestors can also do so by looking at birth, baptism, marriage, and death records, if they exist and are accessible.

When is the 1921 census published and where can I find it?

The 1921 census is published online through the family history website Findmypast on Thursday January 6th.

The pandemic hampered researchers in their efforts to digitize the census results, which disrupted their work.

Recordings will be available to search for free through Findmypast, but viewing recordings costs £ 3.50 per image while transcriptions cost £ 2.50 per transcript.

Existing Findmypast subscribers will also have to pay extra to view records from the 1921 census but will receive a 10% discount.

The 1921 census records will also be made available to researchers who may wish to consult them in the National Archives at Kew and select “regional hub” archives in locations across England and Wales.

When is the 1921 Scottish Census published?

It was originally hoped that the 1921 Scottish Census would be published in June 2021, but due to delays, it is not expected to be available until the second half of 2022.

Records of the 1921 Scottish Census are published over ScotlandPeople, the official website of the Scottish Government for hosting Scottish Records and Archives.

The Northern Ireland census was conducted in 1926. The results are expected to be made available to the public in January 2027.

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