Home World News 2-week 'circuit breaker' would put 'virus back 28 days'

2-week 'circuit breaker' would put 'virus back 28 days'

2-week 'circuit breaker' would put 'virus back 28 days'

Shadow Secretary Rachel Reeves says a two-week breaker lockdown would bring the virus back for 28 days and give the government time to correct the “failed” testing and tracking system.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, MP Rachel Reeves firmly believed that Labor “will support any action that will help control this virus,” and ignoring the advice of SAGE scientists could prove costly in the long run.

Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer this week called for a two to three week lockdown, as recommended by SAGE three weeks ago.

However, it is believed Prime Minister Boris Johnson is not yet heading for a full national lockdown in England, despite calls from the opposition leader.

Sir Keir Starner and the Labor Party believe the government’s attempts to fight the virus are not working and a quick two-week breaker lockdown is needed.

When asked by Piers Morgan and Rachel Reeves, MPs for Suzanna Reid, she said, “The break that Kier Starmer made yesterday is absolutely science-based.

“On Monday we saw the minutes of that SAGE meeting three weeks ago, which had not yet been released, called for an open circuit and said that the measures, including the tiered system, were being approved by the government has just introduced not going far enough to achieve control of this virus.

“What the SAGE scientists are saying is that a two or three week lockdown would swap the two week transmission growth for two weeks in decay and you would go back 28 days in terms of the virus that would buy us time.

“We should use this time wisely and use this time to repair the failed test and trace model.”




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