27% Consider The Bald Person Ugly And 10% Infected, 6.2% Hesitate To Give Them Jobs

To understand how society views bald people, Harvard University conducted an online survey of more than 2,000 people in America. The survey found that society views bald people as dirty, ugly and mindless. One in six people is reluctant to talk to a bald person. Research figures say that 6.2% of people are uncomfortable giving a job to a bald person.

What causes bald

Baldness is a disease called alopecia in the language of science. It’s an autoimmune disease. Wherein the immune system that protects the body against disease starts to attack the hair follicles. The hair starts to fall quickly and the person goes bald. No exact cure for alopecia has yet been discovered.

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There can be many reasons for baldness, says the expert. This includes reasons such as family history, changes in hormones, nutritional deficiencies, staying under stress. Apart from this, overuse of chemical hair products, frequent shampoo oil replacement and failure to apply hair oil have also been reported to be the cause of baldness.

What did people say in the study?

30% of people said that bald people can get sick. 27% thought it was ugly. At the same time, 10% said they are infected. 4% thinks they are unintelligent and another 4% thinks they are dirty.

Bald does not get infected

Dr. Kerry Montgomery, a British psychologist, says, “We have often heard from patients in Alopecia how much people discriminate against them.” Stare at them. They question him and make comments that disturb him.

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27% think the bald person is ugly and 10% infected, 6.2% hesitate to give them a job

Dr. Carey says such people avoid going out and mingling in society. The research shows how bald people struggle with discrimination. In humans there is the illusion that bald people are fighting an infectious disease, when that is not true at all.

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