2AM E550 offers desktop processor differently

2AM E550 offers desktop processor differently

Presented as Positivo’s bet in the gamer PC market in October 2018, 2AM has worked to offer options that deliver cost / benefit and performance gambling that help both in-game and professional life.

One of the examples of betting on the combination of the two profiles is on the E550 notebook, which offers as the main difference the range of Intel processors normally seen in desktop projects, giving it more processing power.

In this sense, 2AM on this notebook version starts the Intel Core i5-9400 or Intel Core i7-9700 processors combined with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX1050 GPU with 3GB VRAM, up to 256GB NVMe SSD storage (with or without an additional HDD 1TB) and RAM that Can be 8GB or 16GB.

To get an idea of ​​the difference between using a processor originally developed for the desktop and one already designed for notebooks, the manufacturer compared the processors mentioned above to the i5-9300H and i7-9750H which normally seen at competitors, allowing for a larger number of cores and clock, as seen in the image below.

2AM E550 offers desktop processor differently 1

According to Felipe Oliveira, product manager at 2A.M., the development of the E550 sought to provide an option for those looking to purchase equipment that could be of service at any time of the day.

“The E550 has a lot of performance to play and work with. Since the beginning of the development of this product, we have been looking for a perfect option for anyone who wants to invest in one machine for every moment of the day, no matter how demanding the programs and tasks. this user uses and usually performs “

To top off what the E550 has to offer, we have that it includes a 15.6-inch Full HD display, customizable 3-zone RGB keyboard, and upgrades in HDD, SSD M2 and more.

As for pricing, 2AM E550 notebooks are available on the brand’s official website with values ​​as high as R $ 6,749 for installment payments, in the case of the model with Intel Core i7, 128 GB SSD and 1 TB HDD.


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