5 altcoins to watch this week! here are details

The cryptocurrency market has quietly entered the new week with a daily change of 0.7%. While Bitcoin’s dominance is increasing by 57.9%, there will be developments throughout the week that could affect some altcoin investors.

The five altcoins we’re focusing on for the week of March 29 – April 4 are Cardano (ADA), Cosmos (ATOM), Avalanche (AVAX), Chiliz (CHZ), and Pundi X (NPXS), respectively. While not listed, Fetch.ai, which publishes its mainnet on March 31, and ECOMI (OMI), which is listed by Uniswap on March 31, are among the news to follow.

Altcoin news follows this week

Cardano (ADA)

  • Opening price of the week *: $ 1.18
  • This week’s news: The IOHK Foundation has announced that the update, which lasted as D-Day, will be completed on March 31.
  • Why to Follow: In July 2020, every block in the Cardano network was generated by IOHK-controlled nodes. March 31 will be a turning point in the decentralization for Cardano. Cardano blocks are produced by user pools after that date.

Cosmos (ATOM)

  • Opening price of the week *: $ 19.21
  • This week’s news: The Cosmos community will receive information about Inter Blockchain Communication at the party to be held on the evening of March 29.
  • Why to Follow: Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC) will go live after 5 years. Users can transact with IBC token transfers between two different blockchains. The demo of these transactions will be shared at the party that starts in the evening and the areas of use of IBC will be explained in more detail.

Avalanche (AVAX)

  • Opening price of the week *: $ 28.78
  • News this week: Avalanche has announced that Apricot’s first leg will launch on the mainnet on March 31.
  • Why Follow Up: The first stage of Apricot saves 50% on the cost of smart contract transactions. Therefore, Avalanche users are expected to be more active in the field of decentralized finance (DeFi).

Chiliz (CHZ)

  • Opening price of the week *: $ 0.524
  • This week’s news: Chiliz announced that fan tokens developed for the Professional Fighters League (PFL) will be added to the Socios.com app on March 31.
  • Why to follow: While no league in the US has been actively involved in the Chiliz & Socios.com ecosystem so far, this will change after March 31. The company’s CEO, Alexandre Dreyfus, often said, “Nobody wants to be the first, but they don’t want to be the last.” He said the investigations in the US market are continuing with his comment.

Pundi X (NPXS)

  • Opening price of the week *: $ 0.00073
  • News this week: Pundi X Labs will reduce the number of tokens on March 30th.
  • Why to follow: Pundi X, currently listed as NPXS on the stock exchanges, will start using the name PUNDIX after March 30. As the number of tokens will decrease, users can exchange every 1,000 NPXS they own for 1 PUNDIX token.
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