5 games to download for free or try this weekend on PS5

We’ve uncovered the best proposals to play for free this weekend, with free trials and the usual Epic Games Store weekly rotation.

Another weekend we have quite a few proposals to play without spending a penny thanks to various promotions. From the weekly rotation of the Epic Games Store to the Xbox Free Play Days, to free trials of titles like Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, we’ve picked five games to get you through this January ramp better. These are:

Ghost Recon Breakpoint, on consoles and PC

After a hesitant start with not a few criticisms, Ubisoft managed this tactical shooter in an open environment to lead to a worthy successor to the successful Ghost Recon: Widlands. Also improved for PS5 and Xbox series, consoles where it has two graphics modes, no doubt it is a great opportunity to discover a title that has not stopped receiving updates with various improvements and new content since launch.

Dead Cells, on Nintendo Switch

Talking about Dead Cells is to make it one of the best indies of the past few years, an absolutely addictive roguelike with an excellent combat system, with melee or ranged weapons, and many possibilities thanks to the variety of builds we can create. Plus, it has a myriad of secrets to discover in the form of objects, rooms, hidden doors… Essential and free for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning, on the Xbox ecosystem

With big names behind it, such as that of the writer RA Salvatore, or the designer and businessman Todd McFarlane, Kingdoms Of Amalur Re-Reckoning is the revision of the original, a massive open-world RPG with a particularly compelling knowledge and a fantastic combat system. where action and combos prevail. The artistic part is also very attractive, and while much complexity cannot be expected in its missions, especially in secondary missions, it is a remarkable alternative to the greats of the genre.

Galactic Civilizations III, on PC

Fans of demanding strategy have a deal with Galactic Civilizations III, which starts from the premise of a universe populated by species other than humans, and from there, choosing one of them, we must advance our civilization. Technology research, shipbuilding, colonization, diplomacy and of course combat go hand in hand in a massive title that, to top it all off, has a multiplayer mode.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds, on the Xbox ecosystem

The rest that 2K decided to give to its WWE simulator didn’t leave fans of the wrestling show creature behind, and in the wake of NBA 2K Playgrounds, it gives us a fun arcade with all the charisma of the company’s wrestlers: The Rock , Steve Austin, Undertaker… With a more casual visual and playable style, fighting fans will love it, who also enjoy unlocking dozens and dozens of new characters.

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