52 countries you still can't visit desapite red list shrinking to seven

Travel between the UK and dozens of long-haul destinations like Mexico and South Africa opened from 4 a.m. on Monday morning – with only seven nations on the UK red list, meaning travel is effectively banned.

47 countries were removed from the red list at 4 a.m. today Monday, meaning those arriving from these locations no longer have to spend 11 nights in a quarantine hotel, and the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) has overturned its advice Due to the coronavirus pandemic, trips to a further 42 countries and territories are not absolutely necessary.

Only seven countries are on the red list from Monday – Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Haiti, Panama, Peru and Venezuela.

But there are still some countries and vacation destinations that British travelers don’t want – with extensive bans or restrictive rules on arrivals from the UK, reports Birmingham Live.

These are:

Bulgaria – Bulgaria has announced that the UK is now on its own red list.

Luxembourg – No non-essential travel allowed.

Russia – blanket ban for foreign travelers.

Slovakia – No non-essential travel allowed.

Sweden – Brits must have a negative test and be exempt from their travel ban.

US – UK travelers can enter the US from November provided they are fully vaccinated and present a negative test certificate no older than 87 hours prior to departure.

Argentina – ban on foreign travelers.

Brazil – Ban on British travelers.

Chile – ban on foreign travelers.

Guatemala – Ban on British travelers.

Honduras – Ban on British travelers.

Suriname – Closed borders.

Bhutan – Ban on foreign travelers.

Brunei – Strict restrictions – only accept people for compelling reasons.

Cambodia – Visa policy suspended.

China Ban on British Travelers.

Hong Kong Ban on British Travelers.

Indonesia – On the red list.

Japan – Only short team visits allowed – and only in exceptional cases.

Kazakhstan – ban on foreign travelers.

Laos – No UK visas.

Iran – ban on foreign travelers.

Kuwait – Ban on Foreign Travelers.

Malaysia – Ban on Foreign Travelers.

Mongolia – Ban on foreign travelers.

Myanmar – Ban on Foreign Travelers.

Qatar – Qatar requires prior authorization to enter the country.

Singapore – Singapore government pre-approval required.

South Korea – Visa suspended.

Taiwan – Ban on Tourists or Social Travel.

Thailand – Requires special permission from the Thai government.

Turkmenistan Entry into Turkmenistan is forbidden for tourists.

Vietnam – Vietnam is not open to tourism.

Algeria – No flights.

Benin – No travel unless it is “extreme necessity”.

Cameroon – borders severely restricted.

Madagascar – No overseas travel.

Niger – Only nationals allowed.

New Zealand – Closed Borders.

Australia – Only nationals and their immediate family members can travel.

Fiji – flights grounded.

Nauru – not essential trips to Nauru.

Pitcairn Islands – The borders are closed.

Tonga – The borders with Tonga are closed to all foreigners.

Montserrat – Ban on foreign travelers.

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