6 Former eBay Employees Accused of Abusing Journalists in Disgusting Dimensions

6 Former eBay Employees Accused of Abusing Journalists in Disgusting Dimensions

Six former eBay employees, including two executives from the security team at popular retail site eBay, are accused of harassing a number of journalists who have long criticized eBay in a newsletter. Two of the indicted former eBay employees were arrested.

A few journalists who criticize eBay have been charged with harassment against eBay’s former security chief James Baugh and six former eBay employees, including former global defense director David Harville.

The journalist couple, whose names have not been released, were preparing a newsletter on e-commerce online. The couple behind the newsletter with many followers often criticized eBay in their broadcasts.

The statement by the representative of the FBI’s Cybercrime division provided details about the actions of eBay employees who harassed the journalist couple. Six employees, who kept messing around during their actions, began sending disturbing items to the journalist couple’s house. Pornographic materials, a box of live cockroaches and spiders, a Halloween mask that looks like a bloody pig’s head, mourning wreaths, books about surviving the death of a husband and a pig’s fetus are among the items sent to the journalist couple .

The intimidation of eBay employees against the journalist couple was not limited to sending something to the couple’s house. The suspects went to where the couple’s house was and repeatedly walked through the house. At one point, they even planned to enter the garage of the house and install a surveillance system in the couple’s car. However, this plan could not be realized because the police were waiting for the guard in front of the couple’s house.

Reportedly, the suspects drew up another plan to get the pair to write positive things in favor of eBay, opening fake Twitter addresses that behaved like eBay sellers influenced by the journalist couple’s articles. The suspects who were behind the “harassment” with the police realized that after a while the police also suspected them.

After the incident was reported to the media about eBay employees harassing the pair, eBay made a statement saying they were aware of the events in August and that all employees involved in the incident were reported in September. laid off.

On the subject, the eBay spokesperson said, “eBay cannot tolerate such behavior. As eBay, we apologize for any actions they are affected by affected people. eBay employees have high standards of conduct and ethics and we will continue to take appropriate measures to ensure compliance. “

The most tragic aspect of the incident is the claim that ex-eBay CEO David Wening encouraged suspects. A message between two suspicious managers leads to more suspicion at Wening.

David Wening left eBay last September. However, EBay has made no statement as to whether Wening’s departure from the company is related to the intimidation of journalists. The company said during the departure of the former CEO “there are a number of issues leading to the divorce.”

The case about former eBay employees harassing two journalists is currently in the legal proceedings. Two suspects have been arrested for alleged charges. We will learn how the court will proceed and whether other suspects will be punished by following the case over the next few days.


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