7 of the best iOS 15 features Apple users are raving about

After months of waiting, Apple has officially made iOS 15 available to the masses.

The company first announced the new system at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2021 in June – and now users can enjoy a slew of juicy updates.

The official upgrade follows the publication of the iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7 and AirPods 3.

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Anyone with an iPhone 6s or higher can now download it by going to your iPhone Settings> General> Software Update. If the upgrade is there, back up your phone first.

Here are some iOS features that are worth raving about.


One of the most talked about updates is LiveText. You can now point any text with your phone and it will recognize it so you can copy and paste it, look it up and translate it. We can imagine this being used to instantly copy an email or phone number, or transfer handwritten notes directly to your phone.

Apple says you can also use this on existing photos to “highlight recognized objects and scenes. Learn about popular art and landmarks around the world, plants and flowers in nature, books and breeds of pets. “

Focus mode

We all need extra help from time to time keeping our phones off, don’t we? In iOS 15, Apple made it easier by offering a “focus mode” that lets you filter which notifications and people can be let through.

Previously, the only way to mute notifications was do not disturb, which meant you couldn’t reach even important calls.

You can create different modes for work, study, relaxation, and more. Access it from the control center.

Background noise

Focus and calm seem to be a recurring theme in iOS 15, with Apple marketing this feature to “mask unwanted ambient or outside noise and help you focus, stay calm, or rest”.

With this function, which is hidden in the control center, you can choose from soothing noises such as “Dark Noise” and “Ocean”, which will continue to be played even if you are using apps or locking your iPhone.

SharePlay on FaceTime

Have you ever been on FaceTime with a friend and wanted to share a song with them? With this new feature, you can now share your screen without downloading a third-party app.

It works with Apple Music and Apple TV and some third-party providers like TikTok, HBO Max, Disney Plus, Paramount Plus, and Twitch. No Netflix or YouTube yet, but we hope they will join in the future.

FaceTime links

Another upgrade from FaceTime allows you to schedule calls in advance – just like organizing Zoom calls.

Excitingly, this opens FaceTime to people who don’t use iPhones.

All you need is a Chrome or Edge browser and you can access the link. Does this threaten Zoom’s rule?

Apple’s mail privacy

One of the most important updates is Apple’s renewed focus on privacy.

Confidence in the company’s ability to protect our privacy was shattered when news emerged of a bug that allowed hackers to access a user’s data without them clicking links.

Privacy has remained an important marketing strategy for the new releases, and now we can confirm the features that will be available on iOS 15.

One, Mail Privacy Protection, has worried marketers. And for a good reason. This update hides your IP address so marketers can’t keep track of your online activity, location, and whether you’ve opened their email.

Apple has also improved the privacy settings on the Safari search engine, giving you access to an “App Privacy Report” so you can see when apps have accessed your location, camera, photos, microphone, and contacts in the past week to have.

Improved search on maps

Not the most glamorous update, but one that will come in handy every day: improved searching on Apple Maps.

When looking for places near you, such as: B. Restaurants, you can now filter by kitchen or opening times. This saves the dreaded walk to a place that ends up being closed.

Maps has also received a number of other refreshes, such as:

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