8 reported dead after plane crashes into building in Italy

ROME – A small private plane carrying six passengers and a crew of two crashed into an empty two-story office building in suburban Milan on Sunday, and Italian news reports said everyone on board was killed.

The LaPresse news agency initially quoted firefighters at the scene who said the pilot and all five passengers on board had been killed. But later, LaPresse and other media outlets said there were eight people on board the flight, including a boy.

State television Rai said the passengers were French.

Fire officials were not immediately available to confirm nationalities or the number of people on board the aircraft.

Firefighters tweeted that no one but those on board were involved in the early afternoon accident near a subway station in San Donato Milanese, a small town near Milan. They said several cars were set on fire in a nearby parking lot, but apparently the vehicles were unoccupied at the time.

A thick, dark column of smoke rose from the crash site and was visible for miles.

The fire brigade extinguished the flames of the now charred building that was allegedly being renovated.

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