80% of people from Brighton have won a prize – making it luckiest city in UK

If you’re in the mood to win big, you’d better hope there isn’t a Brightoner in the room, as new research unveiled today shows those who are from the seaside town are luckier than anyone else in the UK.

According to research by Buzz bingowhile 6 in 10 Brits have won an award in their lifetime, in Brighton that figure increases by 20% to 8 in 10.

The UK’s largest bingo operator published the study today ahead of National Bingo Day on Sunday 27 June 2021. Whether you play online or at the club, there are plenty of ways to win big and party at Buzz Bingo, winners will receive a free chicken basket meal when they shout ‘house’ on the 27th, 06th or 21st – winners Winner, Chicken Dinner!

According to the data, Britons are making big profits in other UK locations, including Norwich and Glasgow, with nearly 7 in 10 people in those cities taking some type of profit home with them in their lifetime.

At the other end of the scale, only 5 out of 10 Belfast won an award, making it the UK’s most unhappy city.

List of 10 happiest cities in the UK


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When it comes to happiness, Millennials are surprisingly more superstitious than any other generation, with nearly half (48%) owning a lucky charm, compared to just 24% of Gen X and 17% of baby boomers. Most lucky item owners count a piece of jewelry or a coin (19%) as the lucky item, but surprisingly 10% have lucky underwear.

But it seems that there is an area that the British can agree on. An overwhelming majority chose number 7 (12%) as their lucky number, with number 13 – for some, bad luck! – in second place (4%).

There are many reasons Brits might choose number 7 as their lucky number. There are seven days a week, seven colors in the rainbow and of course Snow White and the seven dwarfs. It’s also the code number of James Bond and the kit that both David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo wore for many years.

Richard Kearns, Head of Bingo Development at Buzz Bingo, said: “Since the bingo clubs reopened in May, we have donated over £ 8 million to happy players across the UK. Whether you believe in lucky charms, lucky numbers, or just think you’re a lucky person, it’s always a great moment to see someone win big at the club.

“That’s why we’re celebrating National Bingo Day by giving the winners an extra chicken basket meal prize. Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner! ”.

Buzz Bingo will be running all week throughout National Bingo Day with various in-club and online offers between 21 – 27the June. On the 27ththe In June, players who shout “house” during the Main Event games on the 27th, 6th or 21st will win an additional chicken basket meal prize.


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