9 laws coming into force you should be aware of in 2021

The UK has left the European Union and here is a whole list of new laws that we need to improve.

Not everything affects us when we go on vacation as some laws are enforced in this country.

Drivers are not allowed to pick up their cell phones. Currently it is illegal to only make and receive calls and SMS.

The blue passports come into force and EHIC cards are no longer valid. reports Yorkshire Live and Liverpool ECHO.

End free UK mobile roaming in Europe

You may need to check with your phone operator before calling your family while you are on vacation.

As of January 1, 2021, the guarantee of Free mobile roaming for Brits visiting the EU end s. Check with your current operator to see if they would like to charge you for calls.

The top four UK operators, Three, Vodafone, EE and O2, said they had no plans to incriminate their customers. However, this is subject to change and depends on the telephone contracts. You should therefore check whether you are affected.

A new law has been put in place to protect you from making a huge bill without your knowing.

It contains:

  • Once you reach £ 45 in mobile data you will be asked if you want to spend more.
  • You will be informed when you have reached 80% and 100% of your data volume
  • If you are in Northern Ireland and your phone accidentally blocks the cellular signal from the Republic of Ireland, your carrier should take “reasonable steps” to avoid exposure.

Blue passports are back

As of the New Year, you must have at least six months left on your passport, which must be younger than 10 years, to travel there most of the EU countries . This does not apply to travel to Ireland.

If you are on vacation in the EU of less than 90 days, you do not need a visa to travel, but you may need a visa for longer trips and for work, study or business trips.

All new passports issued from mid-2021 will be blue – burgundy colored passports will still be valid until they are replaced.

Drone laws

Revised drone regulations were in place in the UK before Europe adopts the measures on January 1st.

The UK Civil Aviation Authority, which regulates all air travel, has released the rules aimed at increasing the number of drone users after the distinction between recreational and commercial uses was removed.

The regulations, which come into force on December 31, assign drones to high, medium and low risk categories, all of which must be registered with the CAA.

Low risk drones are operationally restricted but do not require authorization to fly.

The European health insurance card is no longer valid

The free small EHIC card that entitles you to state medical treatment in EU countries in the event of illness or an accident will no longer be valid .

However, if you are any of the following people then you are and should be exempt Get a new UK-issued EHIC card from January:

  • receive a UK state pension or other “exportable benefit” and live in the EU before the end of 2020
  • a “frontier worker” (someone who works in one state and lives in another) before the end of 2020 as long as you continue to be a frontier worker in the host state
  • an EU citizen living in the UK before the end of 2020
  • one depending on one of the above

If you are a UK student already studying in an EU country, you will need to apply for a new EHIC which is only valid in the country you are studying in until the end of your course.

Drivers are not allowed to pick up cell phones

Currently, it’s just illegal to make and receive calls and text messages behind the wheel.

However, stricter laws on cell phone use will be introduced over the next year.

The government has consulted on current laws surrounding cell phones in cars to make them illegal under all circumstances.

However, there is no law preventing drivers from taking photos, playing games, or even scrolling through music playlists.

This is because this is not classified as “interactive communication” which is the definition of the offense.

Changes to make this loophole obsolete are underway and are expected to be introduced in the spring.

The new points-based immigration system

Great Britain’s free movement within the EU ends with the transition period on December 31.

People from EU member states are losing the right to live and work in the UK, and so are Brits who want to do so in the EU.

Instead, a new one in Great Britain points based immigration system comes into effect instead.

The rulebook explains how applicants must reach 70 points to gain access.

Workers outside the UK must have secured a job with a qualification level of “RQF3” or higher (equivalent to A Level), be able to speak English and have a salary of £ 25,600 or the current rate for the job, whichever is greater. If their salary is lower but reaches the minimum threshold of £ 20,480, workers can accumulate “tradable points” to reach 70.

Engineers, doctors, veterinarians and others from a list of “shortage occupations”, for example, receive additional points.

EU citizens or people from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland who live and work in the UK must do so request to continue to do so . People from Ireland are exempt.

Limited restrictions on UK travelers entering the EU

Traveling around the world was already restricted for many in 2020 due to the coronavirus.

However, starting in 2021, the British could face more problems while traveling, as freedom of movement ends on New Years Day.

The EU has asked EU countries to lift travel bans on the UK. However, since each member is free to set their own rules for border controls, they can continue their own policies.

The same goes for a safe list of countries with few cases of coronavirus and where the EU is not necessarily allowed to travel: some member states don’t even allow travelers from countries that are on the safe list.

Changes in Copyright

Copyright will change in 2021 after almost two decades.

To protect online creators, the Changes The goal is to give artists, musicians, and publishers a better chance of getting paid when their work comes online without significantly affecting the biggest internet companies like Google and YouTube.

The larger platforms are now legally responsible for the user-generated material they host in the EU and must obtain licenses from rightholders to display their material.

This does not include content uploaded for the purpose of caricature, parody or pastiche, including memes and GIFs.

Trading is getting more complicated

In England, Wales and Scotland Importers and Exporters have to submit customs declarations for EU goods.

VAT and duties apply to all imports, and some products, including plants, live animals, and some food, are required special licenses and certificates or marked in a certain way.

To speed things up, there can be import declarations delayed by up to 6 months in some cases.

The Northern Ireland rules are different as the country will continue to obey many of the EU rules.

There are no inspections of trucks crossing the border with the Republic of Ireland. However, new controls are required on certain goods entering Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK.

An agreement was also reached to remove tariffs on most of the trade between Great Britain (England, Wales, Scotland) and Northern Ireland.


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