A Clown Coup That Deserves Serious Punishment

Donald Trump spent more than an hour on Saturday using a mixture of wheedling and threats in a phone call to get Georgia officials to change election results in the state where he lost to Joe Biden. The Washington Post released an audio of the conversation, which included fellow Republican Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s Secretary of State.

“All I want to do is do that,” said Trump told Raffensperger. “I only want to find 11,780 votes, one more than us. Because we won the state. “Trump went on to tell Georgian officials who spoke to Raffensperger on the phone,” So what are we doing here folks? I only need 11,000 votes. Fellas, I need 11,000 votes. Give me a break.”

The entire call provides further evidence of the deterioration and lawlessness of Trump’s final days in office. Trump is the strong man that his political opponents have long feared (and that some of his political supporters have hoped for). But he does so in a way that has no real chance of success. Hence, his performance is both pathetic and criminal.

Listen to the whole callMost noticeably, Trump has delved into arcane conspiracy theories about election fraud, including great stories of votes cast by the dead, rigged machines, and elaborate ballot papers. At the beginning of the call, Trump refers to “suitcases” or “suitcases” filled with voices. Raffensperger calmly but decisively shoots down these fantasies.

Trump’s outright refusal to accept defeat even alarms some Republicans. On Sunday, The Washington Post published a Opinion piece of all 10 living former defense ministers – including two who served under Trump – who urge the election result to be accepted and oppose any role the military can play in the transfer of power. “Efforts to involve US forces in electoral dispute resolution would lead us into dangerous, illegal and unconstitutional territory,” they argue. “Civil and military officials who direct or carry out such activities would be responsible for the grave consequences of their actions for our republic, including potential criminal sanctions.”

As the post Office Remarks“The article was published because some Republicans plan to take the controversial step of contesting the electoral college’s ballot paper on Wednesday, even after the president’s repeated attempts to contest election results in court have failed Trump could try to use the military to keep himself in office despite losing his election. ”The letter was organized by two Republicans, Eric Edelman, a former defense official and Dick Cheney, the former vice president.


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