A Collective Art Project to Support Your Local Post Office


Postcards for Democracy is a collective art project in support of the 225 year old United States Postal Service and the right to vote. Faced with the threat to our beloved (but neglected) postal service – at a time that could threaten our democracy – we have come together for this elaborate demonstration. The aim of this campaign is to encourage as many people as possible to support the USPS (at this critical time), our right to vote and democracy as a whole through the power of art. We encourage you to purchase USPS postage stamps, make your own postcard, and mail it to 8760 W Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, CA 90069. The postcards then become part of a collective work of art presented in both a physical and virtual gallery space – art directed by both of us. To participate in this collective art demonstration, go to postartfordemocracy.com or #postcardsfordemocracy.



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