A floating robot inspired by a 400-million-year-old parasite: AgnathaX

The 400 million year old bloodsucking jawless fish inspired the new AgnathaX robot! Here are the details about the newly released robot…

The lamprey (agnatha) fish, the first finds of which date back 400 million years, has been modeled. The currently living species of the fish species, known as jawless fish or jawless fish, do not have scales and jaws. The jawless fish with bloodsucking now inspires the AgnathaX robot.

Why was AgnathaX inspired by fish?

Kamilo Melo, CEO of the biorobotics company KM-Robota and a postdoctoral researcher at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, provided information about the robot. AgnathaX will model for the lamprey that inspired him, to help understand the fish’s spinal cord and nervous system.

A floating robot inspired by a 400-million-year-old parasite: AgnathaX 1
Lamprey inspired by AgnathaX robot

Kamilo thinks this robot will give us a lot of information about human anatomy. Because research shows that the spinal cord and peripheral nervous system of fish have not changed over hundreds of years of evolution. With this evolutionary constancy, the lamprey is, in a sense, considered our distant relative.

AgnathaX consists of 10 interconnected modules that form the artificial spinal cord of the inspired fish. For this reason, the letter X, which is 10 in Roman numerals, was added next to the Latin name of the fish.

What will the robot’s functions be?

The development team says that swimming robots make a big contribution to neuroscience about the control of the central and peripheral nervous systems. The robot provides important information about how it works together to coordinate movements.

A floating robot inspired by a 400-million-year-old parasite: AgnathaX 2

Camille discussed the next steps for this project. The researcher said they are considering testing the robot’s ability to swim in more turbulent waters and whether it will have reduced steering functions. Melo thinks AgnathaX will be useful in ocean exploration. He also said it could shed light on the development of future swimming robotics.

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