A new feature of AirPods 3 has appeared

A new feature of the new MagSafe Supported AirPods 3 wireless headphones, introduced a few days ago, has emerged.

Apple announced at its event last week that AirPods 3 are sweat and water repellent. However, a new function expands the scope.

AirPods 3’s IPX4 certification is valid immediately

AirPods 3, that is the silicone free version of AirPods Pro, has IPX4 certification as it is known. This is an important factor for headphones that are sweat and water resistant. However, this certificate is not only valid for headphones.

IPX4 certification ensures AirPods are protected from drops, sprays or splashes. In addition, the AirPods charging case is now durable thanks to this certificate.A new feature of AirPods 3 has appeared 1

This also means that AirPods are not resistant to water under pressure (IPX5) or submersion (IPX7). The “X” part of the review explains that AirPods do not protect against solids or dust.

The third-generation AirPods offer improved sound quality, a new design with a shorter body, power sensor control, spatial audio with dynamic head tracking, adaptive EQ, search support and more. These features were introduced with the “AirPods Pro”, but Apple has now upgraded the standard AirPods to “Pro” specifications, with the exception of the silicone in-ear tips and Active Noise Cancellation (ANC).

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