A new solution for those who cannot find what they are looking for on WhatsApp!

whatsapp is developing a feature that will please those who cannot find the message they are looking for in the chat. Here is the first information!

After he decided to continue his way completely free after being bought by Facebook, whatsapp is the first choice of those who want to keep their money in their pocket. Of course, this is not the only attractive part of the application. While in some respects it is advantageous and sometimes disadvantageous compared to its competitors, whatsapp continuously adds innovations to the platform and enhances the user experience. One of the most obvious examples of this is the iOS to Android chat transfer feature, which was recently released.

whatsapp also has aspects that cause problems for users and negatively affect the messaging experience. For example, you have to struggle for minutes to find an old message you are looking for in a chat. Although the search function is useful, you still can’t find the solution if you don’t remember what word you’re looking for. The company is developing a feature that will surely solve this problem.

WhatsApp enables date-based chat searches

Known for revealing the new features of whatsapp months ago, WABetaInfo shared the details of the innovation the application is working on. Corresponding, whatsapp will soon enable search by date in a chat. This way you can more easily find the messages you are looking for by filtering them by a specific day. Looking at the shared screenshots, it looks like whatsapp allows users to choose the day, month, year.

According to the statement of WABetaInfo, the new function of whatsapp is still under development and will be available in a future update. The beta process is not yet open for access. It is also unclear when the end-user testing phase will begin.

We often see that the functions that whatsapp is in development, will be made available months after publication. So it’s okay to think that the date search feature for chats is also on the horizon. Still, it’s worth remembering that there is no statement from the company confirming the new feature and there is a possibility of an abrupt shutdown.

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