A Police Bulletin Instructs Officers to Look for Explosives

F.Following the discovery of two improvised explosive devices (IEDs) amid the pro-Trump mob in DC, Virginia police instructed officers to look for suspicious packages internal bulletin received from The nation.

The Information bulletin, dated Jan. 6, was issued by the Arlington County Police Department Homeland Security. It states: “The officers are advised to be aware of their surroundings at all times and to treat suspicious devices / packages as legitimate. It is emphasized, however, that there is no specific evidence that IEDs have been deployed in Arlington County. The bulletin also describes the two IEDs found in DC.

“On January 6th, there were two devices near the 300 block on First St SE and the 400 block on Canal St. in Washington, DC. Write MPD at this point in time [Metropolitan Police Department] EOD [Explosive Ordnance Disposal] Units are in the process of disrupting the equipment, which appears to be improvised explosive devices. “

The pro-Trump mob that came to the capital yesterday was viewed as such a serious threat that both FBI headquarters and the Washington Field Office are taking many employees home, according to a current and a familiar former FBI official sent. (Personnel who specialize in counter-terrorism and criminal matters are said to have stayed.)

It remains unclear how the crowd of Trump supporters managed to gain access to the Capitol.

“The only reason you can break through the Capitol is to let it go,” said an FBI official The nation. “Why didn’t the Capitol Police have a plan?”

“There was no information to suggest that the US Capitol would be violated,” said the chief of the Metropolitan Police in DC supposedly said. However, the event was advertised on social media at least days beforehand. In addition, several federal agencies had expected unrest in connection with the elections. In September, the FBI identified the period between the presidential election and inauguration day as “a potential hot spot,” according to a previous FBI intelligence assessment The nation.

Another intelligence assessment conducted and received by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) The nation identified “white supremacist extremists” as the main threat to the election. An army intelligence agency Report leaked I also referred to the DHS intelligence services in relation to the elections and stated: “The DHS rated the extremists of the white supremacists as the most persistent and deadly threat.”

Another reason for the security failure was the delayed deployment of the DC National Guard, President Trump allegedly resisted. Another cause of the previously unreported delay is that the DC National Guard did not have any combat equipment available as much of it was in the possession of military personnel on active duty. It was awarded this summer as part of Trump’s controversial plans to use a military on active duty to quell protests, according to a current law enforcement officer familiar with the matter.

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