A Preview of What’s to Come

It is tempting to see the violence in Washington, DC on Wednesday as the death rattle of a disintegrating political order – the Trump administration and the last spasmodic power grab of its most cultist followers. In truth, it is the form of things to come.

Already a litany of Elected officials and Public figures, Democrats and republican, liberal and conservativeinsist that “This is not who we are” and “This is not America. “In truth, pressure has been building on this point for some time.

The collapse of the “Alt-Right” after the murder of Heather Heyer at the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville left a power vacuum that was filled by the Proud Boys – a kind of “Big Tent” organization for conspiratorial neo-fascist thugs – and a decentralized line of sects of ultraviolet accelerators that can be found primarily online. In the ideological pressure cooker that followed Donald Trump’s defeat in November, new syntheses and alliances between these elements and the president’s hardcore MAGA base began to form, which manifested itself in Wednesday’s unrest.

President-elect Joe Biden, who vowed to heal the divisions in the country and restore the supposed post-racial calm of the Obama era, condemned the uprising and urged Trump supporters who had occupied the Capitol and disrupted certification of the election results ” withdraw and let the work of democracy move forward “. The Autogolpistas who stormed the congress –encouraged to do so just hours before from the President himself – do not believe in the legitimacy of the results of the recent elections. To address a shared, principled commitment to democracy is to misunderstand the nature of the threat they pose.


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