A quarter of all adults in UK are now fully vaccinated against Covid

A quarter of adults in the UK are now fully vaccinated against Covid-19, with a record number of second doses given in the past seven days, recent figures show.

A total of 13,201,811 people have now received both shocks – that’s 25.1% of the adult population.

It is estimated that Wales gave two doses to 27.8% of adults, ahead of England (24.9%), Scotland (24.9%) and Northern Ireland (24.5%).

The numbers refer to vaccinations reported by the UK health authorities up to and including April 26th and reflect the pace at which second doses have been increased across the country over the past month.

In the week leading up to April 26, almost 2.8 million second doses were registered – the highest number in seven days – with almost 8.7 million since April 1.

This compares to just under 3.7 million second doses in March and just 321,607 in February.

The second dose of Covid-19 vaccine must be given within 12 weeks of the first. This means that the millions of people who received their first bump in February have recently received a redose or will soon receive the bump.

People aged 80 and over were among the first groups on the vaccine priority list. The first doses were offered from the beginning of December.


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