A Special Surprise for 1.6 Million KM with 1991 Model Car from Volvo

Volvo has signed a surprise that will make a throne in the hearts of consumers. Being aware of a customer who traveled 1 million miles (approximately 1.6 million kilometers) with the Volvo 740 GLE it bought in 1991, the company gave that customer a 0 kilometer Volvo.

Companies that want to hold on to the market and to strengthen their position in the market can, from time to time, undertake impressive projects. Now, we will talk about an event that tells you how Sweden-based automobile giant Volvo has established a throne in the hearts of its customers.

A man named Jim O’Shea bought a Volvo 740 GLE 31 years ago. The man, who loves this vehicle and has not changed it over the years, has traveled exactly 1 million miles (about 1.6 million kilometers). Being aware of this situation, Volvo decided to surprise the man named Jim O’Shea. The Swedish automobile giant gave its loyal customer a 0 kilometer Volvo S60 valid for 2 years. The happiness when Jim O’Shea got his new vehicle was worth seeing. Jim O’Shea will not bear any maintenance costs of the vehicle during this two-year period.

Here is the Volvo 740 GLE that has driven over 1 million kilometers

The man who has been driving the Volvo 740 GLE, which has done 1 million miles, since 1991, took really good care of his vehicle. Stating that the vehicle did not have a major accident in his interview, Jim O’Shea stated that his wife hit the vehicle 3 times while it was leaving the garage.

Here is the zero kilometer S60 gifted by Volvo
We can interpret Volvo’s giving a brand new car to the owner of the car that has traveled 1 million miles as one of the good advertising efforts. So what are your thoughts on this pleasant surprise from Volvo?

Those moments when the brand new Volvo was delivered:

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