A Vote for Trump Is a Vote for Climate Apocalypse

Statue of Liberty

It was August 2017 and Donald Trump had not yet warmed up to Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s fat dictator. In fact, in a typically Trumpian way, he was mad at the Korean leader and no less typically him whipped verbally to threaten this country with a literal hell on earth. As he put it, “You will face fire and anger like the world has never seen before.” And then, just to make his point more personal, he complained about Kim himself: “He was very threatening beyond a normal state.”

Just a year and a half later, ours asteroidal President would of course say from the same man: “We fell in love.” Still, the threat from an American leader – it was obvious – to launch a nuclear strike for the first time since Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945 was memorable. The phrase would, in fact, become the title of a 2018 bestselling book. Fire and Fury: At the Trump White House, by the journalist Michael Wolff. However, two years later, in the midst of so many other ominous phrases by this President, “fire and anger” was left in the trash can of history largely forgotten by the world.

“This is not an act of God”

Shame, because it seems so much more relevant now that California, Oregon and Washington, not to mention a Southwest that is already officially in a “Megadrought, ”Experienced the kind of apocalyptic fire and anger (and heat and smoke) that turned the day sky into an eerie night time orange (or yellow or even purple, claims a friend of mine who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area). We’re talking about a fire and anger that forced cars to turn on their headlights at noon. destroyed cities (Leave only armed right-wing militants in the flames expect imagined Antifa looters); burned millions of acres of land and housed hundreds of thousands of Americans Evacuation orders;; turned a staggering number of citizens into refugees in pandemic conditions; and crept up Suburbs and cities that threaten the world as we know it.



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