A website To Check If Your Password Is Still Secure

Website: A 2020 Carnegie Mellon University CyLab study of online behavioral habits reveals a curious result: Only one in three people with accounts in hacked domains changed their password in the three months after the hack was announced. equal to only 13%. The rest used the same password.

And the fact is, the news is disheartening because as a simple summary, in the latest security breaches, we have over 700,000 leaked LinkedIn accounts, over 11,000 WeLeak files. And one of the biggest, the frenzy of 3,200 million COMB accounts — containing data on nearly 70% of the world’s Internet users — last February, or the 500 million Facebook accounts…

What to do with a leaked/stolen password?

– Take control of other online accounts you have

– Impersonating you on the Internet

– Blackmail you

– Sell your private data

Is my password still safe?

But how do you know if all those passwords and passwords you use every day are still safe? Has your pass from Amazon, Facebook, Gmail, bank, etc. been compromised? Today we are going to talk about a website created for the same purpose where you can check if your password is still safe or not.

The Cybernews site has a free and secure online testing tool. According to the rules, it “does not store the password” you enter to consult, but only compares it with its data, consisting of 988 million passwords leaked in various hacks and cyber attacks.

Just enter the password you want to verify here. In the blink of an eye, the tool will tell you whether the password is still safe or whether it has been filtered. And if the latter is the case, the number of times it has appeared in leaks and database hacks.

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