Acer launches Click to Pray eRosary smart rosary in Brazil

Acer sells the Click to Pray eRosary smart rosary in Brazil, launched in 2019 as a way to bring young people closer to Catholicism. The accessory was developed in collaboration with the Vatican and promises to make prayer more connected.

The device has a design similar to a regular rosary, but it has features present in smart bracelets. The product comes with sensors that can record steps and burn calories, as well as a Bluetooth connection to share information with an app for Android and iOS via a Bluetooth connection.

Click to Pray eRosary connects to an official Worldwide Prayer Network platform so that the user can follow the prayers of the Pope and also share his progress with an online community. In addition to accessing the Vatican prayers, the device supports setting reminders with phrases from the Bible.

The rosary specifications also include a body that weighs 25 grams and is resistant to water and dust. According to the manufacturer, the accessory battery lasts about four days.

Another interesting detail is a six-axis gyroscope included in the accessory. The technology allows the device to start praying the moment the user makes the sign of the cross.

Price and availability

Acer sells Click To Pray eRosary in Brazil with a suggested retail price of R $ 1,299. The company’s store offers the accessory in up to 12 interest-free installments at this price.

The manufacturer’s e-commerce in Brazil also has a 10% discount on cash purchases, dropping the value to R $ 1,169.10.

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