Actor’s warning after phone charger fire destroys refurbished home which was uninsured

Actor and musician Steven Mangan, who starred in Irish police drama Red Rock, has warned people not to leave their phones charging unattended

Steven Mangan and his daughter Saoirse

A charging iPhone caused a fire in the home of actor and musician Steven Mangan, who starred in the award winning Irish police drama Red Rock.

The horrific fire has forced his family to leave their recently refurbished home indefinitely.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the actor, who played Garda Steve Quinn in Red Rock, and his family get back on their feet and repair the damage done to their house.

The fire started last Wednesday in 11-year-old daughter Saoirse’s room, due to an iPhone being left charging on a bed. It unfortunately destroyed most of her belongings.

The ceiling then caved in and caused extensive damage to the kitchen downstairs.

The bedroom where the fire started
The iPhone in the bedroom where the fire started

Steven Mangan spoke to DublinLive about the horrific ordeal and urged people not to leave devices charging unattended.

He said: “It was last Wednesday at about 12:30pm. I was home from work for lunch and I had just got to the house when I heard the alarm going off.

“We only got the house resealed recently so I didn’t notice the smoke from the outside. When I opened the door, the smoke just came out on top of us. I realized then that the house was on fire.

“The place is completely gutted at the minute. We had forensic investigators in here this morning. It was caused by a mobile phone being left charging and left on the bed.

The kitchen after the fire

“We’re in limbo at the moment to see what’s going on because we don’t have insurance on it. We’ll just have to wait and see.

“Like everyone else we were out of work. I’m a musician and we were all out of work. You never think these things are going to happen.”

He said his daughter Saoirse lost most of her belongings, including makeup, clothes and half of her Christmas presents.

The ceiling collapsed after they doused it with water to stop the fire from spreading.

Steven Mangan in TV show Red Rock

Steven said he and his wife had only recently finished refurbishing the home.

“We literally just finished it. During the lockdown, we had nothing else to do.

“We had only basically finished it at Christmas.

“We have no electricity now, no gas, no nothing. The ESB (Electricity Supply Board) had to cut it all off because the house has to be rewired again.”

He urged people to never leave things plugged in overnight.

Firefighters at the scene of the fire

“Never leave anything plugged in overnight. Especially not a phone, especially not in a bedroom. We actually thought it was a curling wand or a GHD that set the fire off first. We only found out today that it was a mobile.

“The only thing that saved half of the house is that we have good fire doors upstairs and we had the doors closed.

“It could have been a lot worse.”

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