Home World News Adelsons pour $75M into last-ditch effort to save Trump

Adelsons pour $75M into last-ditch effort to save Trump

Adelsons pour $75M into last-ditch effort to save Trump

The group is set to spend $ 77 million in September, with almost everything – just under $ 76 million – being spent on independent-spending ads denouncing Biden. In just over a month of activity, Preserve America has grown into one of the largest outside funders in politics, according to data from the center for responsive politicsAfter the pro-Biden Super PAC priorities USA Action and America First Action, another longstanding pro Trump group among the Super PACs focused on the presidential race.

The money for Preserve America more than doubled the Adelsons, according to the FEC, before they were made available to Republican candidates and committees for the 2020 election cycle. The couple had previously contributed more than $ 54 million, including $ 50 million to the Senate Leadership Fund. The GOP Super PAC focused on defending the Senate majority.

The Adelsons’ money infusion, which Trump supports, comes despite some tension between the president and the mega-donor. Trump confronted Adelson on a phone call earlier this summer, prior to the creation of Preserve America why he didn’t do more to support his re-election. At the time, Adelson decided not to escalate the argument with the president, POLITICO reported at the time.

The donations come after Trump’s once yawning monetary advantage over Biden collapsed. Biden announced on Wednesday that he and his affiliated committees raised a record-breaking $ 383 million in September, and they hit the final stretch of the race with $ 432 million in the bank.

Trump has yet to reveal the latest details of his campaign finances, but reports from some arms of his fundraiser are with the FEC by midnight Thursday. The campaign itself has to submit a new report by the end of Tuesday.



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