Adidas-themed wireless headphones from Samsung!

Samsung shook hands with the world famous clothing brand Adidas. With the introduction of the Adidas version of the Galaxy Buds Pro headset model, the company has also made several improvements to the software for the device. The product stands out for its environmentally friendly structure and is aimed at the Z generation, which is strongly interested in fashion.

The Samsung Adidas themed headset is on sale

The product, introduced as “Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Adidas Originals Special Pack”, is dominated by green and white colors. Presented to users with a hat-like box, the headset makes no difference to the original product in terms of hardware. The company is also presenting a coupon valid for Adidas Stan Smith sneakers to those who purchase the device in South Korea.

Samsung has added software innovations unique to Adidas to the Galaxy Buds Pro Adidas Originals Special Pack model. For example, Samsung users who connect their phone to this device will automatically see the ‘Adidas Original’ theme. This theme changes the design of the lock screen, app icons, call screen and message app. Users will also see a shortcut on their phone’s home screen, which gives them quick access to the official Adidas online store.

The Galaxy ecosystem is expanding with its eco-friendly design

One of the key points of the product announced as part of the Samsung-Adidas partnership is environmental awareness. According to SamMobile’s report, the housing that makes up the Snapback portion of the headset is made entirely from recycled plastic. The new Galaxy Buds Pro, which makes an important contribution to the fight against waste, was produced with 20% PCM material.

A company official, who announced that Samsung will continue to expand its eco-friendly products, made the following statement:

“We have planned this special package for our consumers looking for value consumption, especially the new generation interested in fashion. In the future, we will continue to strengthen Galaxy’s unique eco-friendly ecosystem by partnering with different brands.

Galaxy Buds Pro specifications

– Connection type: completely wireless
Bluetooth: yes
– Bluetooth standard: 5.0
– NFC: No.
– Multiple connections: yes
– General usage time: 8 hours
– Intensive use time: 5 hours
– Usage time (charging case): 28 hours
– Charging type: wireless charging
– Fast charging time: 5 minutes
– Fast usage time: 1 hour

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