Adobe Max 2020: Check out the event announcements

In an increasingly connected world, distances are narrowed by remote creative processes – which also require collaboration tools that meet the diverse needs of different audiences.

That’s why the Adobe Max 2020 event has reinvented itself. The company’s annual event, virtual and free, and of course, the most important news about the software offered by the company.

Mala Sharma, Creative Cloud vice president and general manager, pointed out the following data from the State of Creativity 2020 report during the keynote: 82% of respondents said processes have changed forever and 83% said it was more important than ever is to expand skills. So that’s what led Adobe’s new paths.

“Collaboration is essential in a remote environment and creative professionals need personalized content more than ever,” said the director.

Improvements to the Adobe program were a highlight of the eventol (source: reproduction)

Among the launches, new features were announced at the conference that focused precisely on teamwork being developed remotely – such as the ability to generate public links for inserting feedback into cloud documents from the Photoshop, Fresco and Illustrator programs, which make them available, including, history of previous versions and the ability to embed cloud documents in applications. Tagging text in InDesign files is another unique feature.

However, the revelations didn’t stop there, as Adobe software reached places where they were not yet present.

Releases and Improvements

Illustrator is coming soon to the iPad, Apple’s tablet, with more than 18,000 unique fonts and experiences. In addition, Fresco will get support for iPhones and will react to pressure changes on the screen (and Aero will get a new mobile app and beta version for PCs).

As for other solutions, Adobe XD will include 3D Transform – a handy augmented reality feature that allows designers to move and rotate objects to create depth and perspective – and other CC libraries, allowing for sharing with Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Speaking of Photoshop, the new version will include five artificial intelligence features – while Lightroom will receive several updates, such as the presence of a color grid on all platforms, visual changes, learning resources and tutorials.

Finally, InDesign’s 2020 launch focused on efficiency and creative workflows for design sharing, feedback management and better collaboration (After Effects, Premiere Pro and Premiere Rush were not left out, with new navigation, overlays, graphics and content additions. ).

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