Afghan child refugee dies after eating poisonous mushrooms days after fleeing Taliban

The five-year-old, whose father allegedly worked with the British Army in Afghanistan, was pronounced brain dead after eating death cap mushrooms near a refugee center in Poland, local doctors say

The child and his family were evacuated from Kabul last month (file) (

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A five-year-old boy evacuated to Poland from Afghanistan reportedly died after eating poisonous mushrooms.

The boy, whose father allegedly worked for the British Army, was pronounced brain dead, according to local doctors.

He and his six-year-old brother fell ill after eating death cap mushrooms in a forest outside their refugee center near Warsaw.

The two boys arrived at the facility on August 23 and, along with their 17-year-old sister, fell sick days later.

The girl has since been released, but the older brother is still in critical condition.

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The boy and his family were apparently flown at the request of Great Britain


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The death of the youngest child was announced on Thursday Barrons.

“Today brain death was confirmed … We pronounced the child dead,” Jaroslaw Kierkus, a doctor at the Children’s Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw, told reporters.

Jakub Dudziak, a spokesman for the immigration office, denied a press report that the children had eaten the mushrooms because they were not adequately fed in the center.

In a speech earlier this week, he said the evacuees were given “three meals a day made from various ingredients with appropriate calorific value, including dairy products, meat, vegetables, fruits and beverages.”

The prosecutor has opened an investigation into the incident.

According to the Polish website, the children’s father worked for the British Army in Afghanistan for several years.

The family was then flown from Kabul to Uzbekistan at the request of the UK last month when the Taliban took power before being flown to Poland.

But now the tragedy has struck – the older boy is supposed to fight for his life.

Doctors are quoted as saying, “In a 6 year old, the transplanted liver is working properly, but we have seen increasing symptoms of severe central nervous system damage over the past 24 hours.

“The boy’s survival prognosis is poor.”

Amanita phalloides – commonly known as death cap mushrooms – is one of the most poisonous of all known mushrooms.

They are widespread across Europe and are similar to a number of edible mushrooms – meaning they can be easily mistaken for and eaten.

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