Afghan refugee sparks fury after sharing pic of pathetic looking food ration

A man at a US base, now under pressure from the arrival of Afghans, has shown a picture of the food he is being given to show that a refugee’s life is not glamorous

One refugee showed the meager ration he was given (

Image: ahmadihamed_ / Twitter)

An Afghan refugee posted photos of the meager food rations he received at a US base, which shocked the harsh conditions on social media.

Hamed Ahmadi showed some snapshots of the food at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas, which he said should last for another 12 hours.

After fleeing the Taliban, the 28-year-old lives in Kabul with 70 other refugees in a tent.

The military base houses a total of around 4,000 people who fled Afghanistan with limited resources and more are to come.

Floor space is limited and food is rationed.

Hamed Ahmadi is at Fort Bliss, where resources for refugees are becoming scarce


ahmadihamed_ / Twitter)

Hamed said that by showing the photos he “did not complain”, but he also wanted to make it clear that the refugees did not have a comfortable time in the camp.

In his Twitter posts, he featured a few pieces of chicken, a small amount of fruit, and small slices of bread and cheese that he thought should be enough for the next 12 hours.

“I’m not complaining, but I got this for dinner last night and the next meal is 12 hours later,” he wrote.

“Refugee life may be safe, but never easy and cheap.”

Hamed Ahmadi said he wouldn’t complain but just wanting to show that he is a refugee is glamorous now


ahmadihamed_ / Twitter)

One person wrote that Hamed had every reason to be dissatisfied with what he was given.

They wrote: “You can absolutely complain, that’s nothing.

“Refugees still have rights and it is ridiculous that one is so poorly fed.”

Another put it this way: “My heart goes out to all the Afghans who have had to leave their country and their families.

Hamed is one of the many Afghans who fled the Taliban


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“It is never easy to leave your country behind. And I’m sorry to see that this is the food you get. I hope it was better. “

After receiving some criticism on social media, Hamed told the Independent that he was only trying to be accountable for what had happened and that refugees had to be “patient”.

“The point of this tweet wasn’t … to complain, to be very critical,” he said.

“I have just described a situation for Afghan refugees who are in a situation they never really wanted to be in. I had a pretty good job in Kabul. I had a decent life. I had my family.

“I had to flee Afghanistan … if I had more space (on Twitter) I would have added more explanations because I wanted to say that this is refugee life. And we have to be patient. “


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