Afghanistan withdrawal will 'fuel terrorism worldwide', says Lord Sedwill

The withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan is an act of “strategic self-harm” that will “fuel” terrorism worldwide, warned former national security advisor Lord Sedwill.

As a former ambassador in Kabul, the peer also said that the US-led move would strengthen the “authoritarian opponents” of the West.

Lord Sedwill, who was the UK’s top civil servant until last year, warned that “security threats have undoubtedly increased” since the Taliban took power after the withdrawal of foreign troops.

“From my point of view, this is a bad policy that is badly implemented. It is an act of strategic self-harm, ”he said at an event organized by the Policy Exchange think tank.

“The Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan will undoubtedly fuel extremism and terrorism worldwide, regardless of whether it is controlled from there or not.”

Lord Sedwill also criticized the US for not seeing the end of its mission in Afghanistan, which lasted two decades.

“If you are one of our authoritarian opponents, now you are going to travel the rest of the world to the countries that are in play and say to them, ‘Look, we told you, we have the strategic patience and they’ don’t ‘”, he said.

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