Albany sheriff promises ‘overwhelming amount of evidence’ against Cuomo

“As for a conviction … it really comes down to a jury, a judge and the prosecution,” Albany Sheriff Craig Apple said at a press conference on Friday. (Hans Pennink / AP) | AP

NEW SCOTLAND, NY – Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple says he was “punched in” by the publication of the criminal complaint against former Governor Andrew Cuomo, but said that the odds were for what he called “a solid case “Designated, not impaired.

“We have an overwhelming amount of evidence. We have a victim that cooperates fully every day and every step, ”Apple said on Friday at a press conference. “When it comes to conviction … it really comes down to a jury, a judge and the prosecutor.”

A violent touch complaint against Cuomo was published on Thursday. It’s about allegations that the former governor groped for former employee Brittany Commisso in the Executive Mansion in Albany last year.

The first news of the complaint caused considerable confusion. Some Thursday afternoon reports said Cuomo should be arrested immediately, while others said the complaint was made in error.

Apple said he was also confused

The standard procedure in a case like this is to give information to a court and wait for court officials to review it before bringing charges, he said. That “usually takes a little time”.

But this time it took “five to 10 minutes” for the complaint to be filed and the news to leak.

“We didn’t expect such a quick return, nor did we expect everything to be published on the Internet,” said Apple. “I would have liked … to have [had] a more in-depth conversation with the prosecutor, whom I would have liked to have turned to [Rita] Glavin, Cuomo’s lawyer, and explain what was going on. But needless to say, the document was published. ”

“We sandbagged ourselves and I kind of feel bad about how it happened,” he said.

Apple repeatedly said that the unexpected introduction does not affect the quality of the indictment: “The case is a solid case, our victim is cooperative and we are moving forward,” he said.

The sheriff also noted that Davis Polk, the law firm chosen by the congregation in the impeachment investigation against Cuomo, was “a very valuable asset”. The sheriff’s investigators and the company “exchanged some information”.

Cuomo spokesman Rich Azzopardi pointed to the presence of Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Tish James in the investigation of the former governor in the list of evidence to be presented by Apple.

“Tish James used her office to falsely accuse Governor Cuomo for fear of facing him in an election and letting the people decide,” said Azzopardi. “Apple just vomits up their bogus report and has no solid evidence of a crime. In this case, Apple is literally the fruit of the poisonous tree. “

“That’s a pretty good play on words,” Apple replied. “I prefer them to throw it at me than to sacrifice the victims again and again.”

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