Aldi worker blown away by customer's kind gesture

An Aldi employee was stunned by the friendly gesture of a customer after hearing his story in the queue.

Sam Kelly worked in the cheap supermarket and was chatting with his cousin who was standing in line.

He told her about the IVF struggles he and his partner Claire Louise went through after a five year struggle trying to get pregnant.

The next day the customer came back with a thoughtful present for Claire, who was completely alien to her.

In conversation with the Liverpool echo, Sam, who lives in Litherland, Merseyside, said, “I was at work one day and my cousin was standing in line asking how the IVF was going.

“A customer who was behind came the next day.

“She said, ‘I hope you don’t mind I heard your story,” and she bought Claire a moonstone.

“The story behind this is that the moonstone balances a woman’s hormones to keep her calm.

“I only caught flies because she doesn’t know me and, above all, she doesn’t know Claire, she heard an excerpt from the IVF story.

“When I told her Claire was pregnant, she just sobbed in the hallway.”

Sam and Claire, who have been together for eight years, have had a long IVF journey.

The couple have been trying to get pregnant with four rounds of IVF for five years.

Sam decided to share their journey on his personal Facebook page when they started IVF treatment again in January and have been flooded with kind wishes ever since.

He added, “We have been inundated with gifts, texts, cards, phone calls, messages and knocks on the door.

“We just got flooded and the word ‘thank you’ doesn’t mean anything anymore because I’ve said it so many times.

“Me and Claire sit down at night and say, ‘this and that’ sent a message and there is a knock on the door and something else is in the mail.

“At some point we had to turn our teapot into a vase because we received so many bouquets.

“We tried to recognize everyone who did something for us.”

The couple’s baby is expected on January 12, 2022, but Sam said the journey to pregnancy has been “hell”.

The saleswoman said, “We got engaged, got a house, tried to have a baby, and there were complications because it just didn’t happen.

“We went to the doctors and were referred to the Hewitt Center at Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

“It was hell. We had three failed rounds, three eggs were transferred and they all got away.

“Some people rate it as a miscarriage, some don’t because there was never a pregnancy test, but an egg was fertilized and it was transmitted, but we didn’t get a pregnancy test afterwards.

“Plus that we’re not pregnant yet.

“Among other things, we are still working, running a house, trying to live and that was just a heavy cloud in the hope that there would be a rainbow behind it.

“We never told anyone when we were going through treatment because I always thought IVF was difficult enough.”

But the couple became pregnant and “shocked” when they got the news.

Sam said, “Out of nowhere we had a call and they said they had a good quality embryo and we had a result before and they said you want to come in, we suggest you come in today.

“They called us at 10:30 am and I was supposed to work at 12:30 pm, so I had to call my manager and say, ‘I can’t come in’.

“We went and based on previous track records two days after that [embryo] Transfer I spoke of ‘let’s save for the next IVF round’.

“But Claire said ‘don’t give up yet’ and lo and behold, she took a pregnancy test a week later and it was positive.

“I just couldn’t believe it and we were in a state of shock.

“I said I believe in two weeks, I believe in the 8 week scan, I believe in the 12 week scan, and we are in 22 weeks by Wednesday.”

The 32-year-old, who is originally from Bootle, said her baby was named “Bootle’s Baby” as many people followed Sam and Claire’s journey and gathered to help them.

The father-to-be said, “Because I grew up in Bootle and everyone is on Bootle on my Facebook, they all say it’s ‘Bootle’s baby’.”

Sam and Claire decided to hold a charity event instead of a baby shower and as a thank you to raise money and awareness for the Hewitt Center and fertility issues.

Aldi worker blown away by customer's kind gesture 1

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Sam said, “We organized a charity night to raise awareness about the Hewitt Center because it’s a very taboo subject – miscarriages, infertility and personally I think it shouldn’t be.

“Getting pregnant is not a taboo because it is normal, but fertility problems are normal for someone and people have written to me that they are no longer taboo on a taboo subject.

“I would be happy to hear that it only took an egg, an embryo and a round to be a light in an often gloomy world.”

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