Alexa helps save woman after bee attack

Alexa: A smart Echo Show hub with assistant Alexa was instrumental in saving a woman’s life after being attacked by bees in the United States. The case occurred in the city of Uniontown, Ohio.

Sarah Norton could die of a severe allergy from taking just one bee sting. However, she received at least ten stings from the insect after finding an underground beehive while tending the garden.

After the accident, Sarah returned home and asked her children to get the bee sting medicine. While trying to call to warn her husband, she passed out after starting the conversation.

Sarah’s wife was concerned about the situation and used the Drop In feature to make a video call over the house’s Echo Show. This function allows you to establish a direct connection with another device Alexa.

In this way, the man was able to teach his children and a neighbor to help Sarah after the attack. He then explained the application of EpiPen – a medical device with an injection of adrenaline in case of anaphylactic reactions.

After the serious incident, Sarah noted that Echo Show’s appeal was instrumental in saving her life. Without the help of her husband on the other side of the smart hub screen, the kids and the neighbor wouldn’t know how to help her.

How to enable the Drop In feature

For privacy reasons, Drop In has been disabled on each of the Echo devices with Alexa. However, it is possible to activate it through the virtual assistant application.

The user must go to “Devices” and then access “Echo and AlexaTo choose the gadget he wants to enable. He must then select “Communication” and activate the “Drop In” option to use the tool.

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