Home Tech Alien Isolation: Check out the behind-the-scenes image

Alien Isolation: Check out the behind-the-scenes image

Alien Isolation: Check out the behind-the-scenes image

Jon McKellan, former graphic designer at The Creative Assembly and current founder of No Code Studio, shared a series of images and videos on his Twitter profile and presented valuable material on Alien Isolation. With concept art and behind-the-scenes footage, the documents describe part of the creative process of one of the most acclaimed survival horror of the century.

In one of his posts, the artist published a conceptual video that would initially be the introduction to the game, going back to the classic eighteenth century and the jagged look of old games.

So I discovered an old Gmail account with a lot of images related to Alien Isolation and other things I probably shouldn’t have. First, the producer’s first attempt to open the game in VHS style! hate it now, but planted some seeds! “

One of the images shows a tutorial script used to record the introduction of game commands, with the screen in the background, showing the first steps on the Sevastopol ship, where the Alien Isolation action takes place. Jon also showed an original Alien VHS tape: The Eighth Passenger that was used as the basis for recording older effects.



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