All children may not be back in school before the summer holidays

Boris Johnson declined to guarantee that all children would be back to school before the summer vacation.

But he is full of “optimism and basic hope” that things will be different in the spring.

Asked to ensure that all students are back in the classroom before the summer break, the Prime Minister told the Downing Street press conference: “We believe there is a great deal we can do with the vaccination program to get these out of the way Remove virus that are most vulnerable.

“That clearly gives our country the opportunity to do things differently.

“I am full of optimism and fundamental hope about the position I think Chris (Whitty) has taken and I really think things will be very different this spring and I would surely tell every parent in the country that . ”

He also said there was a “prospect” that the coronavirus lockdown in England could be eased in mid-February.

Speaking at press conference # 10, the Prime Minister said: “If a very sizeable segment of the most vulnerable groups have been vaccinated, there is a real prospect of beginning easing some of these measures.

“But you will also appreciate that there are many caveats and many ifs in it. The most important thing is that we all now follow the directions.”


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