All non-Brits coming to UK from Denmark banned from entering country

All non-Brits coming to UK from Denmark banned from entering country

The government has announced that it will impose immigration permissions on foreign visitors from Denmark following widespread coronavirus outbreaks in the country’s mink farms.

All non-UK nationals or resident travelers who have been in Denmark or have traveled through Denmark in the past 14 days will be denied entry to the UK.

The rule went into effect on Saturday at 4 a.m.

The government also announced plans to expand self-isolation requirements for Denmark after the country was removed from the government’s travel corridor list on Friday.

UK nationals or residents returning to the UK from the country, either directly or indirectly, must now self-isolate along with all other members of their household until two weeks have passed since their last stay.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Transportation said in a statement: “Unlike other trips to the UK, there will be no exemptions from this quarantine policy.

“Anyone who has returned from Denmark in the past two weeks will be contacted to ensure they have completed the self-isolation that is necessary to ensure the virus does not spread across the UK.

“The UK government is working closely with international partners to understand the changes in the virus reported in Denmark and we are running a program of further research here in the UK to update our risk assessments.”

The travel ban and additional requirements will be reviewed after a week, the department added.

“Decisions about border measures and travel advisories can be changed quickly if necessary to stop the spread of the disease and further announcements regarding freight traffic will come later today,” the spokeswoman said.



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