All the must have items that might be in short supply for Christmas 2021

Christmas is only 11 weeks away – some are already preparing for the big day.

With the 2020 Christmas season effectively canceled due to the pandemic and Birmingham Tier 3 restriction, Christmas 2021 is a time we are all looking forward to.

While there is no limit to who we can socialize with, there can be a limit to all of the things you need to celebrate in style.

Bosses of several major supermarket giants have warned that due to the well-documented driver shortage, there could be a serious shortage of our holiday essentials.

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Even when goods arrive – due to the expected increase in Covid rates over the winter, there is great potential for staff shortages in the supermarket – which leads to isolation times.

This means that there are not enough staff to stock shelves and freezers with the Christmas foods and drinks.

“Normally the supermarket industry would start building up inventories for Christmas from now on. Long-lasting products first, things like Christmas pudding and so on, shorter-lasting products like fresh turkey very late in the day, “said Tesco chairman John Allan.

He added, “Right now we are working very hard to meet existing demand and there is not the capacity to build inventory that we would like to see.”

Richard Walker, managing director of the Welsh supermarket chain Island, also expressed concern.

Mr. Walker commented, “We have already canceled a Christmas at the last minute. I would hate that this is also problematic. “

So what could we be missing on December 25th? Our sister site Wales Online has compiled a list of things that could get us in the Christmas spirit this December.


Around nine million turkeys are eaten on Christmas Day, but this year there are concerns that farmers will only be able to produce 80% of their usual production due to staff shortages.

Richard Griffiths, Chairman of the British Poultry Council, said: “It would be irresponsible to raise more birds than can be slaughtered and processed, which is incredibly frustrating given the demand for quality British products.”

Pigs in blankets

All the must have items that might be in short supply for Christmas 2021 1

A spokeswoman for the British Meat Processors Association said there is a chance we may have to forego what many consider to be the best part of Christmas dinner /

“Given the current labor shortage, meat companies are having a hard time seeing how to get out of this situation,” she said.

“Part of the problem is that it is more difficult to schedule delivery of pigs the same way that it is for Christmas turkeys in early July.

“The problem will only get worse until something changes. That ‘something’ has to be an injection of new workers.”

This month The BBC reported how a Yorkshire farmer had to euthanize hundreds of piglets.

Due to the lack of slaughterhouse workers, she said adult pigs are not being killed quickly enough.

Nick Allen of the BMPA said the workforce at large slaughterhouses had decreased by 15% before Christmas. Since the centers cannot process the pigs at the usual speed, some farmers began “quietly with the culling”.

He added: “We have offered higher wages, but that is not currently working with the labor market. We need access to some labor outside of the UK. “


Esso gasoline was 136.9 pence per liter in the EC repair shop on Fox Hollies Road, Acocks Green on October 5, 2021. At the same time, gasoline was sold at the Esso repair shop operated by another operator at Holloway Head nearby the city operates 149.9 pence per liter center.

This potential flaw wouldn’t be surprising considering what’s happening right now.

There is a fuel crisis – with weeks of chaos at the gas stations due to the lack of truck drivers.

The government insisted that “the situation was getting better” and a spokesman urged people to “keep buying fuel as usual”.

But while many gas stations in the Midlands now have ample supplies of fuel, many in parts of England are still in short supply.

In an interview with the BBC last week, Police Minister Kit Malthouse said: “We are still seeing strong demand for fuel in parts of the country, although there is no problem with the supply of the country.

“The distribution mechanism is trying to respond to this unprecedented demand.”


All the must have items that might be in short supply for Christmas 2021 2

The current driver shortage could of course have an impact on the transport of Christmas presents until December 25th

Toy industry experts fear that consumers will face higher prices this Christmas due to economic pressures.

Barbie and Hot Wheels manufacturer Mattel warned in the summer of having to increase prices in the run-up to Christmas.

Hasbro, the company that makes family games like Monopoly, and My Little Pony have also issued a similar warning.


Solihull Metropolitan Borough garbage cans

We all generate more junk during the Christmas season thanks to more packaging, more food waste and more wrapping paper, but garbage collection is something else that could be affected by driver shortages.


Surely there will be enough vegetables to run around?

According to experts, the shortage of skilled workers in the fruit and vegetable market could have a noticeable effect at Christmas.

Jack Ward, chief executive of the British Growers Association, said, “If you don’t get the labor, you end up going through the harvest and you can just pick the first grade and leave behind some of the other products that could have been plucked from those fields .

“I think the longer term problem is that it is constantly undermining grower confidence.”

Christmas trees

All the must have items that might be in short supply for Christmas 2021 3

A farmer said this week that extra paperwork could make it harder to get a tree.

Rob Morgan von Gower said: “With Brexit, the paperwork associated with importing the products to be grown has increased significantly.”

“There is also a huge shortage of drivers and general transportation, as most of us now know, and long delivery delays, which are really driving up demand for local producers and farmers.

“A lot of wholesalers are too scared to buy overseas these days because of the delays and paperwork etc. It’s great for local farmers like me to have that extra support, but there just aren’t enough trees to grow around right now hit that sudden surge. A Christmas tree takes about 12 years to grow, so we can’t produce any more overnight. “

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