Allen West, Texas gubernatorial candidate, hospitalized with Covid-19

Both Wests received monoclonal antibody treatments for Covid-19 and Angela, who was vaccinated against the virus, was released home, Allen West said on Twitter. The Republican candidate said he hadn’t received a coronavirus vaccination and doctors were concerned on Saturday about the lower level of oxygen saturation in his blood.

West said on Twitter on Sunday that if elected governor in Texas he would “vehemently crush anyone who enforces vaccine mandates”.

West is a past chairman of the Texas Republican Party and Congressman from Florida. He announced in July that he would challenges Republican Governor Greg Abbott to who was running for a third term and supported by Donald Trump.

West’s announcement came a month later he resigned as chairman of the Texas Republican Party.

West won a seat in the US House of Representatives in Florida in 2010 and quickly became a tea party favorite and lightning rod. In 2012 he could not be re-elected.

He later moved to Texas and largely stayed out of the spotlight until he ran for chairman of the state GOP party last year.

West then began criticizing Republicans as well as Democrats, calling the Texas House GOP spokesman a “traitor” to work across the aisle, and then leading a protest outside Abbott’s mansion over coronavirus restrictions.

In October 2020, west participated in a protest outside Abbott’s house, Criticized Republican governor’s executive orders – including a statewide mask mandate and bans due to the coronavirus pandemic. These restrictions no longer apply.

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