Always wash new clothes before wearing, especially underwear, say experts

If you put on brand new clothes without washing them, experts say you expose yourself to a number of potential hazards, especially if you don’t wash new underwear.

A survey by The derm review found that nearly a third of people don’t wash new underwear before putting them on.

But a skin care biochemist says this could lead to a range of painful conditions, reported Daily mail.

Elle Macleman says new clothes in addition to the skin can cause dermatitis, swelling, skin irritation, fungal infections, and mastitis.

She says the harsh chemicals used in new clothes can be especially dangerous to your genitals, and says clothes can pick up fungus and bacteria while being handled by customers in stores.

Ms. Macleman said, “While the risks are generally minor, not washing new clothes can have potentially serious effects on skin health, including contact and irritable dermatitis, vulvitis or swelling of the vulva, and other fungal or bacterial infections.

“When it comes to underwear, chemical irritants and fungal and bacterial contamination are real possibilities. Failure to wash a new bra can cause a number of problems like staph and yeast infections.”

She added, “Breastfeeding mothers should wash their bras extra thoroughly as it can increase their risk of mastitis.”

Elle says the problem may come from the dyes used in the clothes or from fungi like athlete’s foot and yeast infections that stick on clothes when other customers try them on.

Elle said, “While the risks of new clothes are generally small, certain items of clothing (like underwear) should almost certainly be washed before wearing if they are nothing more than freshening them up and avoiding potential risks.”

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